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FQAS2013 Special ePOOLICE Session
WP9 - Dissemination and exploitation
  Henrik Legind Larsen Other documents 17-05-2013 195.92
D5.1 - Scanning and data acquisition
WP5 - Environmental radar
EPO-1312-WP05-001-DV-RE WP5 (CEA, SAS, SHU) Deliverables 29-12-2013 4071.53
D4.2 - Standardization options considered
WP4 - Environmental Knowledge Repository
EPO-1406-WP04-001-DV-RE FKIE & others Deliverables 30-06-2014 846.92
D6.1 - Fusion and Data Analysis Toolbox
WP6 - Fusion and Analysis Engines
EPO-1406-WP06-001-DV-RE TRT NL & others Deliverables 30-06-2014 4262.76
WP3 - Technical and Legal/Ethical Constraints and system framework design
EPO-1412-WP03-001-V1.3-DV-RE INTHEMIS et all. Deliverables 10-12-2014 1468.8
D3.4 - FINAL REPORT (includes PIA)
WP3 - Technical and Legal/Ethical Constraints and system framework design
EPO-1512-WP03-004-V1.4-DV-RE CEA et al. Deliverables 28-12-2015 1373.11
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